Tokenize assets and receive liquidity, earn passive income with one of a kind DeFi Tokenomics backed by real assets



  • Q3/2021
    - First External Business Case Proposals & Launch of Full Platform
  • Q2/2021
    - Community Vote about Development, Strategy & Foundation
  • Q2/2021
    Addition of New Markets & LPs -
    Launch of iOS & Android Apps -
  • Q2/2021
    - $TTNP Airdrop & Listing
    - Launch of Beta Platform
    - Marketing Campaign
  • Q1/2021
    $TTN Listing -
    Formation of Additional LLCs for execution -
  • 01/2021
    Launch of $TTN Referral Program -
    Formation and Test of First LLC -


1 What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, meaning that there is no centralized control but the users have total control of their own assets. The open source environment of DeFi allows fast and unrestricted development of applications for digital assets, protocols, smart contracts and dApps built on a blockchain. We believe DeFi is the future for a financial ecosystem independent of centralized institutions, and can potentially revolutionize the way people use their assets.

2 What is TheToken.Network offering?

In short, TheToken.Network aims to connect the crypto DeFi world with the “real” world and allow various use cases to bring liquidity providers and demand together. Users can tokenize a large variety of assets and collateralize their assets to a liquidity pool. To get more in depth information, please read our Whitepaper and join us on Discord and Telegram.

3 Why is TTN token more valuable than almost all other crypto token?

TTN is always backed by assets, either a stable-coin mix in a liquidity pool and/or tokenized assets provided by users as collateral. Therefore, TTN tokens always hold a quantifiable value in assets.

4 What makes TTN special?

TTN is backed by assets and therefore has a clear quantifiable value but also generates interest from TTNP liquidity pools and gets a percentage of the fee revenue on the platform. Furthermore, TTN holders directly decide about all issues in regards to the platform – from TheToken.Network Foundation team to the liquidity pool strategy. TTN holders own TheToken.Network.

5 What is TheToken.Network Foundation?

TheToken.Network Foundation (TTNF) is the team responsible for administrative tasks as well as carrying out the requests of the TTN holders. TTNF makes sure that the platform is operative and develops functionality around the services provided. TTNF holds a predefined amount of TTN token and has to finance its activities out of the passive revenue generated by the Foundation's TTN allocation.